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Please Don’t Hit Me, Mister Aldrin! | Ayyyy!

Please Don’t Hit Me, Mister Aldrin!

Is Buzz Aldrin the guy who punched that journalist for saying the moon landing was a hoax? I kinda think it was. That’s a lot of anger for a dude whose name is an onomatopoeia, but I guess that’s what you get for going through life being Neil Armstrong’s superterrestrial wingman. I get it. I also like his Grandpa Munster suit.

Anyway, because I don’t want to be the first blogger to get smacked up by a guy with a moon crater named after him, I will merely post this picture of Buzz Aldrin and his lovely, totally appropriately dressed wife Lois who is not in ANY WAY terrifying me with the evil grin and the illusion netting and the shadow that PLEASE GOD is just the draping of fabric on her thigh.


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