Queen Latifah, riding out the volatility

While Queen Latifah plays an embezzling Federal Reserve employee in her latest movie, in real life she’s savvy enough not to fall for get rich quick schemes:

In a wild market, follow the sage market advice of entertainer Queen Latifah and billionaire investor Carl Icahn, Jim Cramer said on CNBC’s “Stop Trading!” segment Wednesday.

“Let me just tell you that Queen Latifah has the right approach,” Cramer said. “In these … treacherous markets … you know something, Queen Latifah’s kind of got it figured out.” Cramer summed up Latifah’s approach to the market as patient and focused on the long term.

If she gets bored of making movies, perhaps she can turn her attention into being a turbocharged investment guru with her own tv show. How much fun would it be to watch Queen screaming epithets at the central banks and berating us with stuff like “Girl, you gotta dump that stock like a lying cheating no-good boyfriend! Those jokers are bringing down the house for real! Oh it’s bad, real bad, baby! Here’s a hot tip: You need to take your money to go buy a clue!”

In the bond markets, we have ARMAGEDDON!

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