Reader question: dress codes

Q: I get invited to many parties but never end up going because all that high falutin’ hoity-toity dress code mumbo-jumbo confuses me. What’s the difference between “smart casual”, “semi-formal” and “formal”? Please help me improve my social life.

A: To keep it simple, I will rely on some highly effective visual aids.  A bathing costume alone would be construed as “smut casual”. But add some accessories, pockets and boots and presto, it’s “smart casual”!  Now, “semi-formal” is a little bit more upmarket and usually there’s a dress involved.  It can be short or long or short with a little bit if long thrown in.

Black is best

Finally, “formal” requires something a little more elegant like a full-length gown and some fancy jewellery.  Remember to keep things classy by covering those legs from hip to ankle. Now that you are fully conversant with the aforementioned terms, you may sally forth and resume your hob-nobbing with utmost confidence! 

Sheer sophistication

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