Reader question: Post-rehab chic

Q: I recently checked out of rehab and guess what, all the spa treatments, shopping and fine dining really really worked wonders.  How do I showcase the new improved me?

A: They say that green is the colour of renewal so I encourage you to go forth and make it your own.  Show the world that they dragged you away kicking and screaming trussed in nothing more than a drab hospital gown, only to re-emerge through the dirt as fresh as a budding shoot!  Cap off your look with the simple innocence of daisies, looking as if they’ve sprouted from washing your hair with rainwater.  The Cirque Lodge may never have had a better success story!


One Response to “Reader question: Post-rehab chic”

  1. valawhoo August 8, 2008 at 1:58 pm #

    Wow. It wouldn’t hurt to brush your hair, while you’re at it.