Rebecca Gayheart’s Guide to Comeback Dressing

Rebecca Gayheart Is All Smiles Despite Humiliation!

Rebecca Gayheart (whom I have to stop confusing with Portia de Rossi now, don’t I, or Ellen will be mad) knows how to handle reputation management:

  1. attend baby showers where you will sit beside pretty, famous friends who are still somewhat heavier than you because they’re, you know, pregnant.
  2. be photographed smiling broadly leaving said baby showers
  3. fashionable heels and this year’s bag at all times
  4. enormous shades just in case of tragic mascara overspill
  5. be sure to sport an oversized version of the nightie you brought for the new baby. It’s just good manners.

Kate Walsh, however, chose the onesie:

Kate Walsh Happily Attends Ellen Pompeos Baby Shower!

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One Response to “Rebecca Gayheart’s Guide to Comeback Dressing”

  1. Pencils September 1, 2009 at 1:12 pm #

    I think I read this past weekend (People, maybe?) that Rebecca Gayheart IS pregnant.

    The romper, though, is a very bad idea. Should have stayed in the 70s. Or on babies, where it looks very cute.