Resurrection Links!

Holy back-from-the-dead! We’re back! Let’s down a couple of Corpse Revivers in celebration!

Not so much blind as myopic item (AgentBedhead)

Starlet joins Team Miss California (AmyGrindhouse)

Michael Phelps has found his dream girl (BWE)

Ben Affleck loves his job (BusyBeeBlogger)

Steve Jobs, baby hater (LaughingStork)

The incredible shrinking Lohan (CeleBitchy)

The incredible warbling Beyonce (CelebritySmack)

Jennifer Hudson’s got a baby on board (CelebuWreck)

Athleticism and dignity mutually exclusive? (DailyStab)

Susan Boyle’s caterpillars pruned (DListed)

Susan Boyle, porn star? (EvilBeet)

Why isn’t Harriet Carter Wednesday a national holiday? (IBBB)

The rich and famous and poorly shod (INO)

Royal Wedding roundup (UKPopSugar)

Billy Bob interviewed! (SeriouslyOMG)

Wet, wild, waxed werewolves (Ten)

So Bill Clinton, Bono, and Bon Jovi walk into a bar… (Websters)

Madonna cannot fly (HolyMoly)

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