Rocking Around the Christmas Links

John Edwards’ love child rumors (ASocialitesLife)

Jennifer Aniston shacked up, not knocked up (yet) (ImNotObsessed)

Larry Birkhead is not done bottom fishing! He’s Britney’s #1 fan! (InTouch)

Nicole Kidman’s children call Katie Holmes “Mom” (EvilBeet)

Michael J. Fox is still the perfect man (CeleBitchy)

Pete Doherty is exactly 26.2 miles from reality (AgentBedhead)

The Eighties are back! and the Landers sisters have them! (DListed)

Sienna Miller has hairy fetlocks (TheMeatScale)

If grandma’s knitted mitts are good enough for Uma Thurman, they’re good enough for you (GoFugYourself)

They’ve just named the latest Bond girl, and no, you’ve never heard of her (DailyStab)

Jamie-LynnGate roundup (HolyCandy)

Tyra Banks, Scrooge of showbiz? (JanetCharletonsHollywood)

Why Liza fell (PerezHilton)

Christina Ricci talks about anorexia (CelebrityDirtyLaundry)

Matt Damon’s beautiful gal (JustJared)

Does Lindsay Lohan have a girl friend with benefits? (Defamer)

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