Spirit Fingers, gone fishing

Ayyyy! has only been up for a month, but already I need a holiday. Yes, I’m frail like that.

But I can’t tell you exactly where I’m going because I don’t need anybody alerting the border authorities. And in the manner of Courtney Love, I will be traveling incognito.

Pssst, wanna know where you can get a new nose for real cheap?

So the plan is I shall return next week, relaxed, refreshed, somewhat poorer but laden with cheap souvenirs. In the meantime please continue to enjoy the delightful offerings from Manolo and Plumcake. They will have you on the floor, twisted in manic laughter.

I call this one, the Bavarian pretzel

One Response to “Spirit Fingers, gone fishing”

  1. iopine October 9, 2007 at 9:53 pm #

    Vain of you to post that self-portrait doing a white-clad pretzel twist!

    Just joking!