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Thursday Lynx | Ayyyy!

Thursday Lynx

The Celebrity Bare-Baby-Bump-Belly Club (Defamer)

Madonna steelz frum Liza (Lolebrity)

Kate Moss adjusts her high beams (AgentBedhead)

Former singer Aguilera discusses her greatest assets (GabbyBabble)

Demon-haunted Amy Winehouse needs some exorcise (FemaleFirst)

Naomi Campbell, serial cellphone assaulter, dates up: a con artist (UKPopsugar)

Do they have an alibi for when Harrison Ford’s camera was stolen? (DailyStab)

Shania and the Other Woman (CelebritySmack)

Kim Kardashian, dissected (CelebrityCosmeticSurgery)

The first rule of shopping for TomKat is, you don’t talk about shopping for TomKat…or you get a C&D (CeleBitchy)

Angelina plans to tip the nurses well: $20 million for birthing expenses (Life&Style)

Do you doubt I am rich? (raincoaster)

Keanu romance is a Wino-no (OK)

Newest Teletubbie discovered outside London pub (ImNotObsessed)

Natalie Portman would look good wearing used Kleenex, and here’s the proof (CandyKirby)

Josh Groban is into bears (SeriouslyOMG)

The Return of FedEx! (POTP)

Jennifer Aniston’s wedding pix (IBBB)

Sharon Stone proudly flies the cougar flag (DListed)

Simon Cowell apologizes. Yes, you read that right (BittenAndBound)

That’s hot! Paris Hilton as an Old (EvilBeet)

Britney’s big Vegas comeback possiblymaybe? (ShowbizSpy)

Nick Hogan not enjoying incarceration as much as he thought (Mollygood)

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