Mai Cthulhu Hat. Let me show u it.

Mai Cthulhu Hat. Let me show u it.


Princess Beatrice’s stunning Royal Wedding hat was so stunning it became a worldwide source of attention, launching a thousand stunning photoshops and at least half as many cheap, stunned laughs. Now, it is poised to launch that many bids, as the heinous beribboned toilet seat goes up for auction to benefit charity.

Yes, the daughter of Fergie plans to auction the shapely chapeau on eBay, to raise money for Fergie UNICEF. No word yet on where the bidding will start, but my guess is somewhere around £1,000 (approx. 4 million USD).

That sound? Was the sound of gays all around the world smashing their piggybanks. Till the auction goes live, you can get a paper version on eBay for less than ten bucks.

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