Tuesday Caption Contest Results: Rob Lowe Yowe Edition

There were only two entrants, but they were both so good I think they scared away the competition. Who won the head-to-head between returning champ Klee and new entrant G-Dog?

Rob Lowe yo

Rob Lowe yo

G-dog May 29, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

Rob is Sabrina Duncan in the all male version of Charlie’s Angels.

Congratulations and kudos (whatever they are) to the triumphant G-dog. And now, for the hotly-anticipated virtual presentation of the imaginary swag (right-click, save, and stick it in your sidebar for all to admire!). For the best 70’s reference we read all week, and lo, we are major Sabrina fans, we hypothetically present the virtually swagalicious although actually lovely Halston Heritage Knot Waist Red Jersey Dress Gown. Wear it well, bro. Wear it well.

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