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What a mug! | Ayyyy!

What a mug!

Susanna Maiolo goes on the hunt

Dressing for the occasion, my friends, is not just a good idea: it’s the LAW, and breaking it can subject you to fierce penalty from the fashion police. So remember, when you’re going out pope-tackling and will likely end up on the front page of every newspaper in the world, that’s probably the time to put away the old “lucky pope-tacklin’ sweatshirt,” hit the Chanel counter for a little makeover, and maybe pick up something comfortable, something that lets you move, but something that won’t make you look quite so much like a sad little Jean Teasdale wannabe run amok.


the mark of the loser. the pope-tackling Jean Teasedale

Is not how you want to be remembered, honey. When you’re pretty sure to lose out to the other side, your only revenge is to at least look better than they do.

Prince Charles And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit The Pope

Yeah, good luck with that!

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