Whatever Happened to: Wonder Twins?

Remember them?

not so wonder twins

not so wonder twins

Yes the two least useful superheroes in history are back, and Ayyyy’s got them! We’re truly excited to see what ol’ “shape of useless rock/form of an emo cloud” are up to lately. We wish them huge success for their new venture, and we really DO think Jayna looks better as a blonde.

Olivia Newton John Travolta

Olivia Newton John Travolta

4 Responses to “Whatever Happened to: Wonder Twins?”

  1. Ann.About.Town October 4, 2012 at 2:49 am #

    Who cares. An eagle and a bucket of water?! Seriously?! At least the female was the strong powerful half of that crazy team.

    My favourites were Shazzan, The Herculoids and Phantom Agents. Who didn’t want two halves of a ring that transport you to the souks of the Middle East, makes a genie and magical flying camel appear. What were they smoking in those hookah pipes? My brother and I seriously damaged our knuckles when we tried substituting ring pulls from soft drink cans.

    Our backyard was a dangerous place to be.

  2. raincoaster October 5, 2012 at 9:20 pm #

    Oh god, I did that!

    To me (even as a child), the Wonder Twins were too transparently a ploy to market to the Kid Market. They have no authenticity, no provenance. They were dreamed up at a corporate conference table, and it shows. There’s a special circle of Hell for such creations, and Bat Mite and Scrappy Doo are there too.