Who’s That Girl: Harper’s Bazaar Edition

Dakota Fanning in Harper's Bazaar

Dakota Fanning in Harper’s Bazaar

How quickly they grow up, eh? This, my friends, is not a photoshopped-to-hell-as-usual Julianne Moore. Nor is it a vintage portrait of Helena Bonham Carter as a young Faerie Kin. It is, in fact, the all-growed-up Dakota Fanning, looking quite astonishingly beautiful in Harper’s Bazaar. The hair, the poise, the makeup, the shape, the colours; I love everything about this except the flammable-looking fur trim. One might (and one does) quibble about some of the other Bazaar Beauties in the series, but this photo is indeed a document of iconic beauty.

It is, yes, the superfantastic!

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