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Wednesday Caption Contest: Tilda Swinton Edition

Tilda Swinton as a PreRaphaelite Surrealist object

Tilda Swinton as a PreRaphaelite Surrealist object

You know what to do; do it in the comments for fabulous, completely imaginary prizes.

Tilda Swinton, comes with standard safety features

Ready to deploy

Even a strapping and formidable lady like Tilda Swinton can appreciate the value of fitting herself with twin airbags. You never know what you could bump into at these industry events!

Double Mocha and Chocolate Cheesecake Links

It was THAT kind of day.

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George Clooney, has some kind of death wish

Human v Titan

Hey George I know you’re a ladykiller extraordinaire, but you might want to reconsider making a grab for that particular piece of ass.  Did you see the way she cut through all those Narnians like a knife through butter?

Hump Links

The Hoff knows the mighty power of an 8 1/2 by 11 (Defamer)

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The Grim Reaper

Manolo says, Tilda Swinton proves that no occasion is too festive that it cannot be enlivened with some clerical black.